We have our Achievement Assembly, every Friday, to celebrate the successes we have had during the week. We are so proud of everyone’s efforts, well done.

Stars of the week

Friday 7th November –    Alfie Allen and Izzie Gallichio-Weston

Friday 14th November –  Georgia Wainewright, Elijah Shergil, Jessica Duffy and Madalyn King

Friday 21st November –   Liam Sharp, Tommy Hayden, Anthony Goncalves and Lucas Telford


Listening Cup

Friday 7th November –   Eva Howard and Sophie Edwards

Friday 14th November – Emily Phillips and Aimee Carrington

Friday 21st November –  Lucas Czechak and Luca Grieco


Lunchtime Awards –  Commenced Friday 14th November

Friday 14th November – Sid Sharma, Charlie Horsey, Felix Edwards and Imogen Simpson-Fernandes

Friday 21st November – Amelie Motte, Isaac Talarico, Leela Aldridge and Carys Boon


Rainbow Party

Friday 7th November   Aimee Carrington, Sophie Edwards, Nicole Rosa-Melon, Georgia Wainewright, Carys Boon, Madalyn King, Imogen Simpson-Fernandes, Liam Sharp, Harley Vincent, Florence Ives, Amelia Allaway, Isaac Talarico, Eva-Lorrin Bruce, Sid Sharma and Dania Shukri

Friday 14th November  Kingsley Bates, Aimee Carrington, Noal Mitchell, Eva Howard, Daniel Cullen, Marina Spence, Sid Sharma, Carys Boon, Amelie Motte, Lucas Czechak, Imogen Simpson-Fernandes,  Florence McDonald, Sophie Edwards, Felix Edwards and Antoni Syzmanowski

Friday 21st November  Phoebe Coulson, Carys Boon, Harley Vincent, Sid Shauna, Oscar Williams-Wilson, Jessica Duffy, Emily Phillips, Liam Sharp, Lucas Czechak, Georgia Wainewright, Florence McDonald, Sophie Edwards, Aimee Carrington, Alfie Allen and Elijah Sheryl