Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is an allocation of money that is given to schools to specifically assist children who fall into at least one of the following groups:

  • They are currently eligible for free school meals (FSM)
  • They have been eligible within the last six years for free school meals (FFSM)
  • They have been identified as a Looked after Child (LAC)
  • Those whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces

This money is specifically designed to help us to raise the achievement level of the students in these groups who have previously been identified as being disadvantaged through economic hardship. We also receive a premium for students whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces, this money is specified to help with the emotional and social well-being of these pupils.

Pupil Premium income and expenditure 2017/18

Pupil Premium Budget 2018-19


Pupil Premium Funding for 2018-2019

Free School Meals

We currently receive the following funding for each pupil registered as eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point in the last 6 years (FFSM):

  • £1,320 for pupils in Year R to Year 6
  • £935 for pupils in Year 7 to Year 11

Looked-after children

We receive £2,300 for any:

  • Looked-after children (LAC) defined in the Children Act 1989 as one who is in the care of, or provided with accommodation by, an English local authority
  • Children who have ceased to be looked after by a local authority in England and Wales because of adoption, a special guardianship order, a child arrangements order or a residence order

Service children

We currently receive £300 funding for each pupil in Year R to Year 11 recorded as a Service child or in receipt of a child pension from the Ministry of Defence.

What is the funding for?

Schools are free to spend the money as we believe is most appropriate to assist the groups of students identified. It is understood that schools are best-placed to identify what will work better for the students within their care, where different strategies might be more effective than others. However, we are accountable for how we have decided to spend the additional funding and for how effective our plans have been to help the groups of children achieve.

How we use Pupil Premium at St Peter’s

  • Learning resources eg: revision guides, exam papers, stationery etc.
  • One to one and small group tuition for Mathematics and English – Years 10 & 11 students.
  • Small group support for Science – Years 10 & 11 students.
  • Below Level 4 at KS2 – one to one and small group for English & Maths –Years 7 & 8.
  • Targeted intervention in English & Maths for those at Level 4 for Years 7 & 8 students.
  • Provision of alternative curriculum opportunities.
  • School Uniform grants available for all Pupil Premium students.
  • Contribution to the work of an Education Social Worker and Inclusion Manager.
  • Access to an independent adviser for careers advice & guidance – guaranteed interviews for Year 11 in the first instance.
  • One to one support from a Pupil Premium Learning Mentor – Years 7 & 11.
  • Financial support for all educational trips and visits available for all Pupil Premium students.
  • Music tuition to build self-esteem and musical expertise.
  • Extra holiday/weekend revision classes extended to Easter holidays and May half term.
  • Educational Psychology support (if appropriate).
  • Specialist Anger Management support (if appropriate).
  • Year 8 and 9 project – to support self-esteem/confidence issues for small groups – SHINE PROJECT.
  • Mentoring – TA support.
  • Breakfast Club – Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11.
  • Attendance related support & incentives.
  • Development of an intervention log for Year 11 to ensure all these students receive elements of the available support.
  • Improvement in data tracking of the progress of these students & then applying effective intervention strategies to ensure improvements.
  • Home Learning Club – every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after school – Years 7-11.
  • Provide appropriate resources/educational support opportunities for reception students in Primary phase.


Please see the links for Pupil Premium Strategy Overview 2018–19 for Primary and Secondary. We are using a wide range of strategies to help us improve performance within the identified groups.